NSPCC: an ear­ly, effec­tive use of Facebook

Exhibited by
June 12, 2011
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
August, 2007

SOFII’s view

This is a fundraising first from one of the UK's most innovative, enterprising and ambitious fundraisers, NSPCC. This exhibit shows how quickly fundraisers have to react to changing technology. Of course, technology never stands still, so the innovators at NSPCC will have to stay alert to keep ahead in this area.

Summary / objectives

Reacting to change and using new technology, the NSPCC was the first UK charity to develop a fundraising application to run within Facebook.www.facebook.com. In May 2007 Facebook launched the Facebook Platform which provides a framework for developers to create applications that interact with core Facebook features and the NSPCC has developed its own application to attract and engage donors.


Once the NSPCC application is loaded into your Facebook profile you can:

  • Invite friends to join the NSPCC cause.
  • Pledge to do things tht will help bring an end to child cruelty and challenge your friends to do the same.
  • View all the NSPCC events in an online calendar and sign up for them.
  • Link up with JustGiving.com to display your sponsorship totals, make donations, share events with other users and encourage friends to sponsor you.
  • Sign up for NSPCC emails and further contact.

The NSPCC application displays all fundraising actions that an individual makes, e.g. if someone makes a donation, adds an event, sets up their own events. Donation and fundraising totals (via JustGiving) are also displayed. It also keeps existing supporters up to date with NSPCC news and events.

It will also work as a tool for recruiting new supporters via the fantastic viral abilities of Facebook. Once you load the application, or enter an event, all your friends connected to you know about it. It encourages them to download it too and get involved in the online NSPCC community.

Special characteristics

Through NSPCC actions the NSPCC Facebook application engages supporters in the work that the NSPCC is doing and at the same time uses facebook functionality to allow user's to involve their friends, encouraging more people to take part. The application also gives users the option to opt in for further email contact. The NSPCC Facebook initiative has the ability to tie up with donation data from NSPCC databases and sponsorship totals via JustGiving and also uses the Facebook event calendar to showcase our events.

Influence / impact

First UK charity to launch an application on Facebook to use social networking to target new supporters and experiment with new technologies.


The NSPCC Facebook application was launched in August 2007, so is a test. We will monitor the usage and evaluate its impact.


24,500 supporters have already signed up with approximately £10,000 raised so far – with the potential to grow.


The NSPCC identified the increasing popularity and potential of Facebook and reacted quickly to tap into this resource. Engagement through an online social networking site hasn't been tried by the NSPCC before and is a new way of raising money and engaging supporters. We are testing how it can work in terms of fundraising as well as encouraging people to get involved with events and campaigning. It was the first time a UK charity has used Facebook to find new supporters and raise money.