British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation: MyMarathon

by Emily Roff

Making great use of digital technology, the British Heart Foundation created a trail-blazing virtual event, as showcased at IWITOT (I Wish I’d Thought of That) 2019, SOFII’s showcase event.

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British Heart Foundation ‘Gift of Hope’ and ‘Give in Celebration’

by Joe Burnett

Find out how the British Heart Foundation completely reinvented their strategy for in memory giving. How? By providing a more involving experience for donors and making great use of new technology. A wonderful lesson for all fundraisers

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British Heart Foundation: the poster series



A great series of posters from the British Heart Foundation with both public education and awareness messages.

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British Heart Foundation: the ‘calculate the cost of heart disease’ mailing

BHF creative


This is irresistible. How could any cost-conscious businessman or woman resist playing with this gadget to get an idea of what heart disease is costing his or her bottom line each year?

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