Sightsavers Ireland: The most sincere thank you ever written

by Reinier Spruit

When two of their donors passed away, Sightsavers Ireland reached out to their daughter to express their sorrow and explain how her parents’ donations had made a difference. This beautiful thank you message is a testament to the power of connecting to donors.

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At last, some genuinely fresh thinking in press advertising from a charity

by Andrew Papworth

Discover what’s so special about this ad from Sightsavers that it made Andrew Papworth go ‘Wow!’

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RCSB: Bhopal emergency appeal


Created in less than two hours, this ad went on to raise more than 20 times its total costs in just a few days, to become a classic example of disaster appeal advertising. More than £420,000 was raised and most of it directly attributable to the press advertisements.

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