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When happens to your donations when your donors move home?

SOFII exposes a shocking state of affairs as seasoned fundraiser Rachel Hunnybun tells her moving tale. Scroll down for the full details in ‘Let’s keep in touch‘, below.

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The business card that means business – see below.

A wonderfully simple, innovative idea that grew from a simple request: ‘make it easy for me to help you’. Scroll down to see SOFII’s new additions

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Operation Homefront: The Card

We are always dishing out our business cards that don’t really say very much, so it’s great to see this wonderfully simple and innovative idea that grew from a simple request: ‘make it easy for me to help you’. Now many organisations have adopted and adapted The Card and are making it work for them.

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Remember A Charity legacy awareness week 2014

Without legacies very many charitable organisations all over the world wouldn’t exist. Click here to see Remember A Charities ‘living legends’ explain their love of giving and why they have left a legacy to charity in their will.

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Liberty in North Korea autumn campaign

A fantastic cause that, perhaps unsurprisingly, has caught the imagination of hundreds of young people. It is surprising though that this group of under-30s has donated over $500,000. Proof, if it were needed, that a highly personal campaign, brilliant creativity and storytelling will always inspire donors and will even create some new ones.

The challenge now will be to keep these young people motivated to keep giving as they grow older and their income grows. Maybe one day they will become legacy prospects.

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What you need in your backpack? Essential preparation for grant applications

Are you settling down to write that all-important grant application? You’ll need to make sure that your fundraising ‘backpack’ is full of the essentials if you are to succeed, says Jo Garner. You’ll find them here on SOFII.

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Hey Mr Fundraiser: stop asking your board members to trespass

Always outspoken, Simone Joyaux doesn’t let us down this week when she tells a reluctant board member: ‘If you’re not willing to do the work, get off our board. Go away’. But she also gives sound advice on how to get the very best from our boards.

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Let’s keep in touch

Does your organisation miss simple opportunities to talk to your donors? Click here to see what happened when Rachel Hunnybun contacted her favourite charities to tell them she had moved home.

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Lessons from a charity shop

Do you think that charity shops are not ‘pure’ fundraising, in fact, aren’t fundraising at all? During a stroll in the sunshine, Laura Croudace came across a charity shop that, in her words, ‘blew me away’. Click here to see how and why she thinks we could all learn from FARA’s approach to running shops.

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What would grandma say?

Not so long ago I asked staff of the communication and fundraising department at a certain large charity if they were actually supporting their own cause. Only 22 per cent actually did. So I asked myself, ‘What would my grandmother say of this?’

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What can fundraisers learn from product marketing?

Sarah Clifton says, yes, you can learn from product marketing. Applying a commercial marketing checklist to our fundraising strategy can give us some valuable insights about the way that our donors experience our service.

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