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Coming soon: Inspiration by SOFII

Inspiration, the fundraiser’s secret weapon

Win tickets to exciting new seminar ‘Great Fundraising Organisations’ in London on Monday 12 September.

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Calling all adventurous fundraisers

Click here for an opportunity to speak at our flagship annual fundraising event I Wish I’d Thought Of That in London on 30 November. 

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Latest Case Studies:

Friends of the Earth steadying the ship: looking after your supporters when a media storm hits

When the media storm around fundraising broke last year, Friends of the Earth acted quickly to get in touch with their donors and give them the opportunity to comment frankly and freely on how the organisation was communicating with them. 

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The Redwood’s Gratitude Report: Ana’s story

A wonderful emotional mail-out from The Redwood, a shelter and support charity for women and children escaping domestic abuse based in Canada.

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HIV/AIDS Alliance: ‘Come Together’ a bold and risqué TV advert

A bold and adventurous campaign by The HIV/AIDS Alliance called ‘We Come Together’. In the most risqué TV advert ever broadcast on UK television, late at night, of course, they celebrated safe sex and prompted viewers to visit a bespoke website where they could buy a cheeky safe sex kit, the profits from which would go to the global battle against AIDs. Please note this case study contains explicit content. Viewer discretion advised. The video in this exhibit is sexually explicit so please don’t view it if you are likely to be offended. 

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Latest Articles:

SOFII stars: a selection of fantastic events from around the world

Here are links to 12 fundraising events that raised money in innovative and exciting ways, from huge viral campaigns to small but successful projects that exceeded expectations and transformed people’s lives.

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Relationship fundraising ignite, part 2

In the second part of our relationship fundraising ignite series, we hear the story of fundraising through the history of charities, learn how to build a relationship with donors by asking three very important questions, and find out how the Terrence Higgins Trust used relationship fundraising to approach the challenges it faced.

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Why so many organisations fail at Facebook

Beate Sorum thinks that if Facebook isn’t working for your organisation, she is willing to bet that it is not Facebook’s fault – it’s yours.

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Relationship fundraising ignite, part 1

After the events of the past year in UK fundraising, relationship fundraising is once again a hot topic.

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Five big reasons your fundraising results could be better

Rachel Beer asks what are the big things that make the really big differences to your fundraising results?

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The day World Vision welcomed me to their world

Here is Laura Croudace’s personal account of a new form of face-to-face experiential donor recruitment. It all started when she spotted a mud hut when out shopping with her family one day.

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