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A journey through fundraising’s history

It’s easier to know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been. Dip into our fundraising archive to find out more about how previous generations of fundraisers have engaged with their donors.

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What would fundraising be without donors?

Within this special space SOFII has selected and assembled a glittering array of specialist showcases in which we display a treasure trove of examples of the art and science of donor relationship development.

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How I wrote that fundraising letter

SOFII has a collection of interviews and articles with leading fundraising copywriters that explains the inspiration and approach to the art of writing fundraising stories.

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Latest Case Studies:

‘Humbert’ heartfelt message appeal

Humbert was created by Humber River Hospital not only to raise money but to celebrate the generosity and kindness of their donors.

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Free Lunch: A case study in Chinese transparency and crowd-sourced fundraising

When scandal hit one charity in China all the others in the country were tainted and faced widespread public mistrust. Yet one well-known journalist was brave enough to start a bold campaign to change the lives of malnourished school children. This breakthrough innovation has helped restore trust in charities in China and raised enough funds to feed thousands of hungry children.

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Tough Mudder

A success story from non-professional fundraisers, this time two young men.

Tough Mudder is a challenge that includes fire, ice and electric shock obstacles and is more about camaraderie and team spirit than being the best. So far it has raised £5 million across the globe.

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Latest Articles:

A new approach to fundraising – why you should be accessing your donors’ networks

It’s time to ring the changes in the way we raise money. Rather than just looking at our donors’ financial capital says Richard Turner, we could be using their social capital to make fundraising so much better for them and our causes.

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Are communication departments the enemy of fundraisers?

Richard Radcliffe thinks some charity communication teams are stupid and shares some stories to show why. What do you think?

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Ask-phobia: how to overcome ask aversion

If the thought of asking someone for money, in person, over the phone, or in a letter, makes you break out in a sweat here are five simple tips from Rory Green to help you out.

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If it were easy to do we wouldn’t need you

Karen Osborne explains why you should avoid the easy route if you want transformational major gifts for your organisation.

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How I wrote it: the NSPCC’s Simple pack

When Robbie Rae started working as a fundraising copywriter at the turn of the millennium, he felt that true masters of direct mail had perfected the art in all its form. Despite that, he thought that it was time to change the orthodoxy. Click here to discover how he wrote a hugely successful pack that did just that.

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Creating extraordinary experiences for donors

SOFII’s expert on board development, Simone Joyaux, takes us on a different journey. Don’t just give your donors what they think they want, she says, give them something outside their wildest dreams, give them something that makes them go ‘WOW!’

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