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Are you doing a fundraising event?

Charity events are as varied and colourful as fundraising itself. They’re only limited by the imaginations of their organisers and their capacity to make things happen against all odds. Here are some examples from around the world to get you inspired. 

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Stand up for what you believe in.

Find out how some organisations go about making the world a better place by challenging the status quo.

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Latest Case Studies:

St Michael’s Foundation: the Final Piece campaign

Here is another excellent campaign from St Michael’s Foundation in Toronto, Canada. Take a look at how this team of savvy fundraisers took a simple poster and re-purposed it into a successful staff event that raised much-needed funds for their latest capital appeal.

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A ‘hair-raising’ message from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Don’t be afraid to steal an idea. Just make sure you do it right. Here we show you how the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation took a concept that fit with their strategy, copied it, and ended up with a stunning campaign that was even better than the original. 

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St Michael’s Foundation Christmas Poster Campaign: Give the Gift

It’s never too early to plan your Christmas fundraising campaign and here’s one from St Michael’s Hospital Foundation in Canada to inspire you. This integrated campaign shows how to entice donors to give to bricks and mortar by focusing on compassion and people.

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Latest Articles:

The Foundling Hospital appeal, 1728-1745

Another opportunity to be inspired by fundraisers of the past. Raffles, art gallery events and benefit concerts are common ways to raise money today – but when Thomas Coram was fundraising for the Foundling Hospital in Georgian London he employed all these methods. In fact, some might say he invented them…

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‘Behind the clock’ legacy marketing – if you aren’t doing it, perhaps you should be

Eifron Hopper explains why our legacy messages, as well as being compelling and memorable, should be frequent and delivered to our donors via as many appropriate channels as possible.

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How to reduce F2F attrition in the first 90 days

Don’t miss this important webinar hosted by The AgitatorDonor Voice and SOFII. Make no mistake. The current F2F model is greatly flawed — and in some places horribly broken.

Where once the approach of street fundraisers was eagerly received by the public, today’s solicitors are often tagged ‘chuggers’ and public acceptance is on par with that generally accorded muggers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to re-set, re-boot and re-imagine this once vaunted channel of acquisition.

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The hashtag - I wish I’d thought of that

Social media and fundraising go hand in hand, and these days there is one little symbol with the power to connect thousands of people to your cause. Of course, it’s the hashtag. But why has the hashtag gone from being a neglected key on our keyboards to one we just can’t afford to ignore? 

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How effective is your welcome programme?

Many charities have a welcome programme in place to keep more donors giving, to make them feel welcome, or to ask for more money. For whatever the reason you have your welcome flow, there is always room for improvement. So, here’s a simple 10-point checklist that will help you estimate how much room for improvement there actually is.

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You just gotta love older people

If you are a fundraiser, you just gotta love older people. Fundraisers, on average are pretty young. Donors, on average are pretty old. So we have an interesting gap to overcome in connecting these fundraisers and donors.

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