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Are you doing a fundraising event?

Charity events are as varied and colourful as fundraising itself. They’re only limited by the imaginations of their organisers and their capacity to make things happen against all odds. Here are some examples from around the world to get you inspired. 

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Stand up for what you believe in.

Find out how some organisations go about making the world a better place by challenging the status quo.

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Latest Case Studies:

Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI: Lifeboat Launch SMS alerts

An insightful use of technology that brings RNLI donors closer to the lifesaving work.  This text service allows donors to donate each time their chosen lifeboat is out saving lives and to receive an alert of launches in real-time.

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The NSPCC’s legacy-themed Garden of Magical Childhood

A garden designed to demonstrate how gifts in supporters’ wills have supported the NSPCC’s work and takes visitors on a journey through the past 130 years.

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St Michael’s Foundation: the Final Piece campaign

Here is another excellent campaign from St Michael’s Foundation in Toronto, Canada. Take a look at how this team of savvy fundraisers took a simple poster and re-purposed it into a successful staff event that raised much-needed funds for their latest capital appeal.

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Latest Articles:

Following the fold

Lyndall Stein shows that you’re never too old to learn some new tricks and passes on some fundraising tips for the young from the old.

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The father of modern day fundraising: Harold Sumption

Ken Burnett was just 26 years old when he met Harold Sumption the man who would profoundly influence Ken’s understanding of fundraising. In another of our occasional series, ‘The most brilliant fundraiser I ever met’ we have recollections from Ken, Giles Pegram and Pierre-Bernard Le Bas.

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Is the F2F golden goose now a dead duck?

If you were one of the unlucky few that missed the recent webinar ‘How to reduce F2F donor attrition in the first 90 days’ co-hosted by SOFII, The Agitator and DonorVoice – don’t despair, you can still listen to the full webinar. It’s 90 minutes of your schedule that could help keep the F2F golden goose from being a dead duck!

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Harold Sumption: the shy pioneer

In this addition to SOFII’s Fundraising Legends series, Joanna Culling talks to Ken Burnett, who proudly shares the full text of Harold’s only published material – Yesterday’s trail-blazing and pointers for tomorrow

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Pure gold – the 34 fundamental foundations of fundraising

Which, from the all-time best fundraising wisdom and experience ever, are the most precious gems, the absolutely topmost important things every fundraiser everywhere really should know, from his or her first day? Of all the nuggets of essential knowledge buried within all the lists, books and articles ever written, which would be the one list, if room for only one was all there was, that you’d choose to hang directly above your space, your workplace?

This is that list. 

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The Foundling Hospital appeal, 1728-1745

Another opportunity to be inspired by fundraisers of the past. Raffles, art gallery events and benefit concerts are common ways to raise money today – but when Thomas Coram was fundraising for the Foundling Hospital in Georgian London he employed all these methods. In fact, some might say he invented them…

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