Latest Case Studies:

Islamic Relief: ‘Hey, you with the beard!’ Great video fundraising to mark the start of Ramadan

These short, dramatic, upbeat videos combined with the matched funding opportunity were sure to be real winners for Islamic Relief.

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St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation: Urban Angel magazine

The fundraisers at St Michael’s Hospital are justly proud of their reinvented newsletter. It demonstrates a unique and creative approach to donor communications, while still fulfilling the essential purpose of fundraising.

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Macmillan Cancer Care and Bethesda Hospice: meet Etta Macleod, an extraordinary fundraiser

Etta Macleod personifies the unsung heroes of the fundraising world: the courageous tireless volunteers who raise millions of pounds for their favourite causes. Etta’s fundraising is unconventional and a pleasure to witness.

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Latest Articles:

SOFII: the BIG questions

How do we make donors feel really special? And how do they want to see us?

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Falling for SOFII again

It's always great to receive positive feedback from SOFII users and here Tony Charalambides sings our praises and explains why you should fall for SOFII too.

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Enabling your board members and other fundraising volunteers

Do you think you already do all you possibly can to help your board members and other volunteers reach their full potential? Or do you think you could maybe do more? Here’s some great advice from Simone Joyaux on how to be an outstanding ‘enabler’.

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Donor-centric but stupid? It’s possible

Sometimes a stupid nonprofit ad campaign has an odd little grain of smart in it, like this print ad campaign here on SOFII. Do you agree with Jeff Brooks when he says that it doesn’t quite make it, as a way to raise money?

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Advertising’s earliest genius and how he can help your advertisements to work better, predictably

You shouldn’t miss Claude C Hopkins’ new book.

Actually Scientific Advertising was first published 91 years ago, so new it really isn’t. But if its content is new to you, says SOFII’s reviewer, this concise classic can still teach you valuable lessons to improve your communication skills and enhance your career too. Hopkins was, by rather a long way, the highest paid advertising person of his generation. Find out why here

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