Top tips & how tos

The focus in this section is on practical ‘how to’ lists. Here the world's leading fundraisers share the distilled wisdom of their experience in digestible bite-sized nuggets that you can use immediately.

LEGGE HEADS ARMS BODY: top ten secrets of headlines that pull

by Ken Burnett

If you are raising funds in any public medium your responses will directly relate to the effectiveness of your headline. A good headline can easily double or triple your response, and a great one can do even better – up to 17 times better, some say.

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Nine tips for effective e-mails

Nick Allen.

by Nick Allen

E-mail may seem boring, what with Google Earth, Web 2.0, Twitter, widgets, and badges, but it’s still the workhorse of online fundraising and communications.

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Is your newsletter great donor relationship-building, or an unwise self-indulgence?

by Tom Ahern & Sean Triner

Almost all nonprofits produce a newsletter and send it out with their warm appeals. But should they?

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Ten tips to spur the creative grant proposal-writing process

by Pamela Grow

Pamela says: ‘Your final step should be a gracious letter to the foundation, thanking them for their time and their thorough review of your proposal. You’d be surprised at how few organisations take the time to thank the foundation.’

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In-memoriam donation thank-you letter samples

by Lisa Sargent

These letters are part of Lisa Sargent’s thank-you letter clinic: How to write lively memorial donation thank-you letters.

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Do it yourself fundraising

by Marc Pitman

Start-up nonprofits often ask me, ‘How do we raise money?’. The panic of making budget seems to make raising money impossible without knowing someone rich and famous like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

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Creating a supportive workplace for fundraisers

by Norma Cameron

You’ve heard of the donor bill of rights; hopefully you have one pinned above your desk. Now, if you click here you’ll find a bill with a difference just for you: a bill of rights for fundraisers. If you’d like to add anything, please let us know.

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Lessons from young charities - part 2

by James Read

You can read principles three, four and five here

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Lessons from young charities - part 1

by James Read

In this article, creative director and copy chief of marketing and fundraising agency Grizzard, James Read, looks at some of the newest and relatively small charities that have succeeded in raising enviable amounts of awareness and money. He shares the five principles he believes characterise today’s most innovative nonprofits and how you can apply them to your organisation.

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Tom Ahern’s nine-step communications self-audit

by Tom Ahern

Why pay thousands to have an expert tell you what you’re doing wrong? Audit your donor communications yourself, using these criteria.

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