Fundraising Everywhere is SOFII’s newest business partner

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July 13, 2022

SOFII is delighted to announce that Fundraising Everywhere and Everywhere+, a leading provider of virtual events to the charity sector, has joined the SOFII community as a proud business partner. 

Fundraising Everywhere is an organisation that believes confident, connected, empowered fundraisers can change the world. Over recent years founders Nikki Bell and Simon Scriver have created an accessible and supportive online community where fundraisers can connect with peers, keep up with sector trends and learn new skills.

Their desire to help make the world a better place is evidenced in many of Fundraising Everywhere’s organisational values, and they continue to succeed in offering bold, fresh content that inspires fundraisers globally.

Fundraising Everywhere’s partnership with SOFII is in an important one because fundraisers are growing more and more interested in learning from others, even those in far-flung corners of the world. Being willing to share best practice and learn from our mistakes is part of what makes fundraising so special as a sector. SOFII and Fundraising Everywhere share a commitment to pushing forward the ideas and inspiration that will help fundraisers succeed and innovate. 

Fundraising Everywhere has already provided amazing tech for SOFII’s I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) events in the past, allowing our small charity to take an in-person event online during and after the pandemic. This new partnership means fundraisers can be assured that IWITOT will continue to include a much-needed, quality online element at as many future events as possible. 

Thanks to Fundraising Everywhere’s support, SOFII will be able to add new, unique content to the website – including more video content – and that means more fundraisers can deliver ethical and inspirational fundraising, influenced by resources available on SOFII.  

'We’ve always admired SOFII’s way of platforming knowledge and content for fundraisers – it aligns really well with Fundraising Everywhere’s goal of making sure learning and support is available for all fundraisers, everywhere. We’re proud to be supporting them with this partnership and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops to help both organisations improve and grow – Nikki Bell, co-founder, Fundraising Everywhere
‘I’m thrilled to welcome Fundraising Everywhere to our band of kind, generous and committed SOFII partners. Nikki, Simon and their team put a huge amount of effort into their online events, creating rewarding experiences that mean all fundraisers can access learning and inspiration from their own homes or offices. This is very important to SOFII, who have long believed that fundraising information and ideas should be accessible to all.’ – Meredith Niles, chair and trustee, SOFII 

SOFII’s inspiring fundraising content is provided completely free of charge to a growing number of fundraisers. On average, over 10,000 people search for great fundraising on each month and the charity emails over 10,000 fundraisers with inspirational case-studies, articles, research, tips and opinion pieces regularly. There is no other permanent, easily accessible archive of effective fundraising which shows what works and what doesn’t – told by skilled fundraisers themselves. Now archived by the British Library, the SOFII website catalogues and displays fundraising excellence so inquisitive fundraisers can raise more money. 

SOFII is proud to welcome Fundraising Everywhere to their community of fundraising enthusiasts from around the world. The charity would love to join forces with other individuals and businesses who believe in the future of SOFII too. Now more than ever, fundraisers need a place where, regardless of age, job title or location, they can meet and learn on an equal footing. No big budget, membership or experience required. 

If you would like to join Fundraising Everywhere and SOFII’s other partners as they help shape the future of fundraising and give fundraisers the courage to innovate, please contact Joanna Culling at You can also make your own gift to support the work of The SOFII Foundation, here:

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