How I wrote it: the clas­sic Amnesty press ads

More than 20 years on, Indra reflects in this eight-minute video film on the think­ing behind some of the most mov­ing fundrais­ing adver­tise­ments of all time. Click on the image to see and hear what he has to say.

Written by
Indra Sinha
September 13, 2010

There are many gems for the enthusiastic communicator in this short talk. Watch out for the worst story Indra ever had to tell, and ‘...the worst fundraising ad I’ve ever seen.’

He also says, ‘You have to trust your heart. We never did any research – didn’t believe in it.’

Well worth watching and learning from, even if you can’t be in the south of France yourself.

See the original Amnesty ads here and here. And their recent modern day counterpart, here.

And visit the Bhopal Medical Appeal exhibits: more stunningly successful press ads written by Indra.

About the author: Indra Sinha

Indra Sinha

Pick an advertising agency, any agency. Walk to where the copywriters congregate and gently whisper the name Indra Sinha. Then stand back and watch.’

So it says on the Wikipedia page for Indra Sinha. Not for nothing did his peers vote him to be among the 10 best agency copywriters of all time. Now nudging the age when other writers often hang up their boots Indra’s still crafting great creative ads for some of the worlds most urgent causes.

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