Non­prof­its and seg­ment­ing for effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion: a new infographic

By Jay Love and Steven Shattuck

Written by
Jay Love & Steven Shattuck
April 29, 2014

It’s no secret, say Jay Love and Steven Shattuck from technology entreprenuers Bloomerang, that effective donor communications are the route to higher donor retention rates – but what makes for effective donor communications?

Segmenting your emails, newsletters and acknowledgement letters is a great way to customise and individualise your messaging to donors. But, they wondered, are most nonprofits doing this?

So Bloomerang recently conducted a survey with the Nonprofit Marketing Guide to see how (if at all) nonprofits are segmenting their online and offline communications. You can view the results in their infographic on the right.

Survey findings at a glance

  • Most nonprofits either have robust segmenting practices or none at all.
  • Donation amount and action history are the most common segmenting methods.
  • A lack of knowledge, data and technological ability most commonly prevent segmenting.

Survey methodology

Six multiple choice questions delivered via email to SurveyMonkey.
Data collected between 19 March, 2014 and 9 April, 2014.
425 respondents, most with budgets less than $5 million.

You can download a full pdf version of the infographic here.

About the author: Jay Love & Steven Shattuck

Jay Love, is the founder of eTapestry, and has recently launched Bloomerang, an online management system to help small- and mid-size nonprofits reach, engage and, most importantly, retain the commitment of the people who share their vision.

Steven Shattuck is vice president of marketing at Bloomerang, which helps nonprofit organisations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world. He is a contributor to Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal, The Build Networkand Business2Community. Steven has spoken at national and local conferences and is frequently interviewed by media outlets for his expertise in digital marketing.

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