Sev­en steps to fire up your board

In this bril­liant instruc­tion­al video, US fundrais­ing con­sul­tant and author of Fired-Up Fundrais­ing – Turn Board Pas­sion into Action, Gail Per­ry walks you through sev­en steps that will help you to real­ly strength­en and fire up your board. Even if you already have a strong board, these steps will help make it even more effec­tive. Are you max­imis­ing the poten­tial of your board? And if not, which steps aren’t you implementing?

Written by
Gail Perry
May 21, 2013

For the past 20 years Christopher Davenport has been making award winning films and videos, working on multi-million dollar productions alongside huge stars, Oscar winning producers, directors and studios as well as developing his own company, Galloping Pictures, where he created everything from corporate videos to documentaries, TV commercials to fundraising videos. With his latest venture, 501 videos, the focus is on providing nonprofits with the most effective tools for fundraising.

As part of this work Chris has spoken to some of the most successful fundraisers in the sector, who have found themselves in circumstances, and with stresses, very similar to those faced by fundraisers every day. You can sign up for more of these instructional, inspiring and reassuring stories here.

About the author: Gail Perry

Gail Perry, MBA, CFRE, is an international fundraising consultant, trend-spotter, speaker, trainer and thought-leader. She is the author of Fired-Up Fundraising – Turn Board Passion into Action.

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