The SOFII his­to­ry project part three: the leg­ends of fundraising

Meet the women and men who trans­formed, improved and rev­o­lu­tionised fundraising.

Written by
Joe Burnett
April 17, 2019

Isaac Newton, the genius physicist who discovered gravity once said, ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’. And the same goes for fundraising. The history of our profession features great women and men who changed the way fundraising is done. Some were great writers, others conceptualisers of ideas that changed the lives of their beneficiaries. All have helped shape modern fundraising for the better. SOFII presents the legends of fundraising.

Note: do you think we’ve missed out on a fundraising legend who should be celebrated? If so, please e-mail with your suggestions.

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Meet the legends.

The three founding fathers of UK fundraising: Harold Sumption, Guy Stringer, CBE and Sir Leslie Kirkley, CBE

Some closing remarks: more on fundraising legend Guy Stringer

Farewell my brother: a personal tribute to Terry Murray by Michael G. Downes

A second tribute: a second tribute to Terry Murray, the doyen of South African fundraising, by George Smith

Kay Sprinkel Grace: America's doyenne of board excellence and mission development

The great writer: a tribute to George Smith, 4th March 2012

UK fundraising’s premier wordsmith: a profile of George Smith by Charlotte Grimshaw

George Smith as others see him: remembering the great man

A profile of Mal Warwick: America’s genial guru of fundraising direct mail

Celebrating a giant of Canadian fundraising: David Love rocks

The most brilliant fundraiser Rich Fox ever met: Ben Horowitz, City of Hope

Harold Sumption: the shy pioneer

The father of modern day fundraising: Ken Burnett celebrates Harold Sumption

Still in the battle: an interview with Roger Craver (part one)

The wisdom of Roger Craver: part two

‘It is a privilege to be a fundraiser’: Lyndall Stein celebrated

About the author: Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett (he/him) cut his teeth as an intern at the Association of French Fundraisers, he then embarked on a career in advertising before returning to where his heart lay: in the charities sector. Joe is passionate about fundraising and how it can be a force for positive change in the world. 

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