What real­ly mat­ters to a donor

Written by
Mark Phillips
November 12, 2015

’The only thing that matters a damn is the donor experience. If we’d got that right, we'd have never been in this situation. I still don’t understand why so many organisations dropped fundraising for brand awareness and an addiction to interruption recruitment techniques. The result is that we have a massive pool of people who – at best – tolerate how fundraisers treat them.’

Every fundraiser should read this

The quote above is taken from Mark Phillip’s superb blog, Queer ideas, which really should be required reading for all fundraisers. Click here.

About the author: Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips (he/him) started fundraising for ActionAid UK in the late 1980s and later became head of fundraising at YMCA England. He set up Bluefrog in 1997 with one simple goal – to be the agency he would have wanted to employ. His approach to fundraising is based on understanding and answering donor needs. Mark shares his research, ideas and findings via his blog.

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