Girl­guid­ing UK: Impact Report 2011

Exhibited by
Donna Holland, Reuben Turner, Girlguiding and the Good Agency.
June 12, 2012
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
June, 2011

SOFII’s view

This fun, colourful, busy 'scrapbook' really shows Girlguiding UK as a modern, vibrant organisation that gives girls and young women the opportunity to take part in an amazing number of activities. However, we at SOFII were alarmed at first to see it described as a 'more supporter-friendly version of the Girlguiding UK annual report', as we firmly believe that everything that a charity produces should be 'supporter friendly'. Why would any fundraiser do anything else? Many years ago a few charities did try to produce interesting, information-packed annual reports and succeeded. Have we slipped back into bad old ways? Please, please tell us that this isn't true and send us your action-packed, inspirational reports.

Girlguiding saved the day by saying at the end: 'Every charity has to produce annual reports and impact reports. The point is, they don't have to be boring – even when the budget is limited.' Hurray for that!

Creator / originator

Concept and design: the Good Agency. Content (text, photography, video, audio) and technical build: Girlguiding UK.

Summary / objectives

The impact report is a more supporter-friendly version of the Girlguiding UK annual report. It's designed to inspire support as well as report on objectives.


Girlguiding UK wanted an interactive, environmentally sustainable and budget-friendly impact report. They wanted it to reach and inspire more supporters and volunteers than a printed version might by using the words and pictures of its members to show the impact the charity has made against its strategic objectives.

Special characteristics

The multimedia report was styled like a proper scrapbook, with lots of cuttings, pictures and videos on every page. It was split into relevant sections, with colourful bookmarks to make navigation simple and short, punchy content to keep attention. Every click created movement – a piece of paper folding out, or a page sliding open, for example – which encouraged visitors to explore further.

Influence / impact

The scrapbook included a section on equality and diversity, as well as how girlguiding is giving girls and young women a voice abd how it is relevant to girls today. All the different sections showcased Girlguiding UK's impact under each of its strategic objectives. The scrapbook was promoted on Twitter and Facebook to encourage social sharing. Printed glossy postcards were produced to distribute at Girlguiding UK events. All adult members also received news of the report in an e-newsletter.


Over 16,000 people viewed the report during the first two months. It was winner of the best not-for-profit corporate publication atthe CorpComms Magazine awards in 2011.


Every charity has to produce annual reports and impact reports. The point is, they don't have to be boring – even when the budget is limited.

Other relevant information

Open the scrapbook for yourself, here.