Green­peace UK: the Rain­bow War­rior III thank-you video

Exhibited by
Renuka Bhogal, marketing manager, Greenpeace UK.
June 25, 2012
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
November, 2011.

SOFII’s view

As one supporter said: kapow!

It was a good idea to invite supporters to see and touch the ship that they bought for Greenpeace. Then to send a video of the event as a thank-you is brilliant. And they really do say thank you throughout. The short interviews with various members of Greenpeace staff explain why the ship is so vital to Greenpeace's work, what it means as a symbol of peaceful direct action and environmental campaigning and how it was all made possible by their wonderful supporters. We also like this because the video was the result of collaboration between the web team and the direct mail team. We're big on collaboration between teams at SOFII. They must have been so pleased when their delighted supporters wrote to thank them.

The Rainbow Warrior comes to London

Creator / originator

The web and direct mail teams, Greenpeace UK.

Summary / objectives

To thank supporters who had given money to help build Rainbow Warrior III.


Greenpeace's new flagship – the Rainbow Warrior III – was launched in Bremen on 14 October and visited London from 8 to 13 November as part of her maiden voyage. There were several planned events during her stay, including an onboard concert and open days, which supporters were invited to.

Greenpeace UK produced a five-minute video to showcase some of the highlights of the visit. The video was sent by email as a thank-you card to the 7000 supporters who were able to be there, as a memento of their time onboard, and those who couldn't to say, 'Sorry you couldn't make it, but you can see the ship anyway'.

As the video will also be available to other supporters the content has been made to work for all contexts. The body copy of the email was tailored depending on whether the supporter gave a donation to fund the building of the ship or not.

The style and tone of the video are energetic, fun and celebratory.

Special characteristics

The focus is heavily on supporters reacting to the ship, looking around and being inspired. It's down to their generosity that the ship has been built, so they are at the front and centre throughout. The video features as broad a range of people as possible.

It also captures something of the heritage that goes with the name Rainbow Warrior, through short interviews with the captain, international executive director Kumi Naidoo, GP UK executive director John Sauven and Greenpeace veterans who have memories of the preceding Rainbow Warriors.

Influence / impact

Here are some of the comments Greenpeace received:

'Thank you for this inspiring video of your launch. I was SO sorry not to be able to come up and this is a great alternative. When I opened it and saw Rainbow Warrior gliding up the Thames, I just burst into tears! She looked so pristine, brave and beautiful and will take on the injustices of our fragmented world.'
'I will be following your newssheets as you head out and away and wishing you good will, strength and courage.'
'My husband and I managed to get aboard and we were very impressed it is so clean are you sure that you are using it!!'
'I am so glad that I could help and only wish that I was a lot younger and could join you on your campaigns at sea.'
'I loved the video of all your achievements it is amazing what has happened over the last 40 years all I can say is thank goodness for GREENPEACE.'
I was so sorry not to be able to get to see Rainbow Warrior III.Just to say you (and the supporters) have done a fantastic job – I was really affected and impressed by the video.
Wisdom and good luck to all who sail in her; she epitomises the strength and importance of Greenpeace and I'm proud to be a very small part of it.
'Hi there,
Many thanks for the video about the Rainbow Warrior's visit. I'm particularly glad you interviewed older people as well as younger, as there were so many older people visiting. It was a really inspiring video and your generosity saying it was all of our ship was very moving.
Good luck,
'loved the video
I felt a real surge of excitement watching the new rainbow warrior especially under sail – it looked fantastic.
It was also thrilling to see all the people attending and to hear what they had to say as I feel I am one of them too. I am very proud of our family having donated towards the building of this vessel – a real symbol of hope for the future.'
'Thank you so much for the video of Rainbow Warrior III in London. It was very emotional and wonderful. I felt part of it.
I couldn't be there because I am on crutches at the moment. Maybe next time.
Thanks again
Janet Thomas'
'I'm really sorry I couldn't get to meet Rainbow Warrior. Thanks for the video. Sara Vernon'




We consider this video a big success as it was shot, edited and emailed within two weeks of the event, put together on a tiny budget, it achieved the brief and Greenpeace supporters loved it.