Green­peace Italia: save the Parmi­giano Reg­giano from OGM

Exhibited by
Marcello Colacino.
June 12, 2012
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Individuals, social change campaign
Type of Charity
Environmental / animals
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
June, 2007

SOFII’s view

This is perhaps one of the lowest cost exhibits on SOFII. So it’s a pity there’s no results information included, as it might just be one of the most cost effective also.

Creator / originator

Marcello Colacino, Greenpeace Italia.

Summary / objectives

This is an email appeal asking supporters of Greenpeace Italia to participate in an online petition to the Consorzio of Parmigiano Reggiano (an association of people who produce the world-famous Italian cheese Parmigiano Reggiano) to ask for a modification of their rules of production for the Parmigiano cheese. In particular the petition requested that the manufacturers should not make it with genetically modified (OGM) milk.


For many years, Greenpeace has been campaigning around the world against the use of genetically modified organisms in food and food products. Greenpeace regularly uses petitions to mobilise supporters and influence change. In recent years Greenpeace has been very effective at using email as a primary means of quickly engaging campaigning supporters and as a low-cost way of raising money.

Special characteristics

This email campaign is really a call to action, good image, very few words but with very high impact.


Because it's a clear, short, but very effective way to inform Italian people that OGM (genetically modified organisms) are used in the famous Parmigiano Reggiano and that, as a result, every Italian is eating OGM every day.