Jer­sey Hos­pice Care: mil­lion pound lot­tery (MPL)

Exhibited by
Jersey Hospice Care.
June 10, 2013
Medium of Communication
Event, face to face, press publicity
Target Audience
Single gift
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Channel Islands. Jersey
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

This innovative and fun exhibit really does prove that fundraising ideas can be re-used and recycled. We think that this is an excellent way to promote your cause, raise money and involve the community in your organisation.

Creator / originator

The fundraising chairman in 2007, Richard Harwood, and the fundraising volunteer team.

Summary / objectives

The MPL has now become an annual event that raises £500,000 for Jersey Hospice Care every year. Tickets are priced at £300 each and 6000 are for sale. They are sold by a stalwart team of volunteers in two local branches of Lloyds TSB bank; £1,300,000 is awarded in prize money. The first prize is £1 million, £100,000 is second prize, £75,000 is third, £50,000 fourth, £25,000 fifth and five prizes of £10,000.


The idea was born after the fundraising chairman at the time saw an advert for a similar million-dollar raffle at Dubai airport. After hours of thinking time on the flights back to Jersey, the strategy for MPL was created.

Special characteristics

The MPL is so appealing because it offers great odds of winning a large sum of money; there is a one in 600 chance of winning at least £10,000. Tickets can be bought by syndicates, which can reduce the ticket price for larger groups. In fact, many people end up being in several syndicates as they can’t bear the thought of saying no and missing out on a possible win.

The MPL draw night is held at the Grand Jersey Hotel and is filmed by Channel Television with celebrities and well-known public figures (such as Gloria Hunniford, Robert Powell, Anita Dobson, Ester Rantzen, Judith Chalmers, Rachel Riley and Tim Brabants) and local stars (Derek Warwick and Alison Horsfall) drawing the winning balls. Live music adds to the festivities and ensures that there is a party atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

Influence / impact

The MPL initiative secures a regular annual income of £500,000 for Jersey Hospice Care as well as continued support and engagement from local members of the public who bought a ticket. The winning ticket now created a sense of excitement within the community and people actively check when the tickets go on sale.


The MPL has increased public awareness of Jersey Hospice Care and we are often affectionately known as the ‘hospice lottery’. The event itself gives us an excellent opportunity to highlight our cause and to show how we use our funds effectively.


The MPL is an innovative way of involving a large part of the community in both the fundraising and the cause of Jersey Hospice Care. With its high chances of winning and sense of fun, it is a win-win event for all involved. Best of all it could be copied by many charities as a new way to secure a regular annual income.