The Girl Effect: start­ing con­ver­sa­tions for change

Exhibited by
The Girl Effect.
June 16, 2012
Medium of Communication
Broadcast and television, online
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
March, 2008

SOFII’s view

The Girl Effect organisation has admirably mastered the art of creating short and powerful videos that inspire and move both old and new supporters. With excellent animation and a wonderful soundtrack, it’s no wonder that they have captured the imaginations of viewers all over the world, encouraging them to start conversations and make change happen.

Creator / originator

The Girl Effect: Producer: Wieden & Kennedy Portland
Director: Man vs. Magnet in association with production company Curious Pictures
Music: Elias Art

The Girl Effect: the clock is ticking:
Producer: Wieden & Kennedy Portland
Animation: Nexus Productions
Music: Elias Art

Summary / objectives

The objective of The Girl Effect videos is two-fold. The first is to raise awareness about empowering adolescent girls as a solution to global poverty and the second is to influence and leverage policy-makers to incorporate adolescent girls into their programmes and their policies.


The Girl Effect is a movement driven by girl champions around the globe and has received critical financial and intellectual contributions from the NoVo Foundation and the Nike incorporation. In May 2008, the Nike Foundation launched The Girl Effect campaign and website. The site helps tell the girls’ story and invites others to learn, act and share with others.

Special characteristics

We wanted both videos to help start conversations that can lead to change. By highlighting the barriers that girls are uniquely vulnerable to and also the ripple effect that is unleashed when a girl is healthy, educated and has opportunities to develop her economic livelihood.

Both videos stemmed from simple ideas. In the first video, ‘The girl effect’, the idea is that investment in girls will benefit everyone. And the second video, ‘The clock is ticking’, is based on the idea that those investments need to start early.

Both videos aim to raise awareness of The Girl Effect organisation and start conversations that lead to change.

Influence / impact

The Girl Effect videos have successfully started conversations in numerous arenas, from multi-lateral organisations such as the World Bank, global conferences such as the Clinton Global Initiative and the World Economic Forum, and mainstream US media such as The Oprah Show in December 2009.

The conversations initiated by The Girl Effect have also inspired volunteer-led activity; check out this blog for a fantastic example.


‘The clock is ticking’ (CIT) was released in September 2010. We have tracked the impact that has had on our website visits and donations. In the month of August, before CIT was released there were 91,042 visits to In September 2010, we received 164,838 visitors. There was a similar leap in the number of donations made. In August the amount of donations The Girl Effect received was $12,539. In September, income increased to $15,170. This increased to $32,069 in October. Similarly, we also witnessed a large jump in the number of YouTube hits and also received over 200,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.


The girl effect videos have become an excellent tool to promote the cause and involve and motivate new supporters.

Other relevant information

You tube links:

The Girl Effect
The Girl Effect: the clock is ticking

The Girl Effect believes that empowering adolescent girls is a solution to global poverty. With their videos they aim to raise awareness and to convince policy-makers to incorporate adolescent girls into their programmes and their policies.
Click the image to see the Girl Effect video clip.
Click the image to see The Girl Effect: the clock is ticking video clip.