UNICEF Christ­mas adverts

Exhibited by
Joe Burnett
December 22, 2016
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

These TV adverts from Sweden are short but remarkably well-made, deploying wit and humour with sensitivity and intelligence to make crucial points. They may take in history, fantasy and mythology, but never lose sight of the core message from UNICEF.

Summary / objectives

Using humour and a respectful reimagining of Christmas traditions, the first two commercials highlight the worthiness of donating to UNICEF over the holiday period. The second series features a ‘house of goodness’ grouping together past figures such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Jesus and an average Swedish man, who earned his spot by virtue of UNICEF’s easy means of making donations. The final commercial is much darker, as Santa stumbles into a deserted home hoping to deliver presents: a stark and haunting reminder of the cost to children of poor sanitation in the developing world.

Creator / originator


Special characteristics

Whether using humour, whimsy, or hard-hitting black wit, these commercials get straight to the point and remind us of the reasons to give to the world’s children: their need is great, it’s easy and it’s part of human nature.




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