Toronto, 2013

SOFII was invited to bring the IWITOT formula to the 2013 AFP Toronto Congress. We hand-picked 12 Canadian and international speakers to present the fundraising idea that they most admired or envied. Here are the ideas presented on the day.

Ken Burnett


Truly, the best fundraising is almost invariably the most simple and most direct. This mailing also successfully shows the value of writing ‘from the field’, in a distinctive way.

Ken Burnett presents Operation Raleigh: toilet paper mailing

Maria Ros Jernberg


This remarkable project from Civil Rights Defenders saves the lives of human rights activits working to save people from oppressive regimes. The level of involvement they offer their donors is made possible through excellent use of social media.

Maria Ros Jernberg presents Civil Rights Defenders: the Natalia Project, the first assault alarm to protect defenders of human rights

Rebecca Davies


And ingenious idea from SOS Children’s Villages that went for the ‘one per cent’ with this newspaper ad. It has superb and courageous targeting – just six people – is, challenging, innovative and was very successful.

Rebecca Davies presents SOS Children’s Villages Belgium’s corporate partnership aimed at six people

Jane Leaver


It’s not really surprising that University College London’s brief to bring philosopher and jurist Jeremy Bentham back to life to raise much needed funds caused Aline Reed, in her words, ‘to frown, ask “you want me to do what” and generally feel rather puzzled for a number of days.’

But not for long, after undertaking some research she and Mark Phillips came up with the brilliant idea of a ‘ransom in reverse’. Intrigued? This wonderful exhibit will reveal the great results.

Jane Leaver presents University College London’s ‘paper head’ Christmas appeal

Teva Harrison


A new simplified online gaming platform that aims to raise $100 billion for global projects by 2016.

Teva Harrison presents Playmob’s gaming platform to raise money for global projects

Brock Warner


Another highly successful sponsorship programme. The Belgian charity APOPO have encouraged very many people to part with their euros to adopt a rat – and save a life.

Brock Warner presents APOPO’s HeroRAT adoption programme

Taslim Somani


Ten brilliant images designed to inspire and introduce new audiences to the work of one of Britain’s premier conservation organisations.

Taslim Somani presents RSPB brand stretch work

Anthony Keating


Depaul UK’s iHobo app to increase awareness of the plight of young homeless people was the first of its kind. Within five days of its launch it was the number one most downloaded app in the UK. It has since been downloaded 600,000 times: it’s that powerful.

Anthony Keating presents Depaul UK’s iHobo daring app to raise awareness about homelessness

Andrea McManus


Ryton Garden’s famous recyclable mailing is one of the best ever examples of the benefits fundraisers can realise when they show that they really understand their donors.

Andrea McManus presents Ryton Garden

Andrea McManus


Calgary Zoo in Canada publishes the first annual report on Instagram.

Andrea McManus presents Calgary Zoo’s annual report 2012 on Instagram

Alan Clayton


This exhibit demonstrates how a simple but powerful message combined with a comprehensive integrated campaign strategy can secure real success.

Alan Clayton presents Kids Help Phone: buy a kid some time

Jason Potts


The Royal National Lifeboat Association interactive map that gives their donors a 24-hour, every day of every year window into the heart of their mission.