The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) becomes SOFII’s newest partner

SOFII is thrilled to announce that the wonderful FINZ is our newest partner.

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July 01, 2021

SOFII is delighted to announce that FINZ, the professional body representing fundraising in New Zealand, has joined the SOFII community as a proud partner. 

FINZ is committed to fundraising excellence. They work with fundraisers to ensure that worthy causes are well supported and that the generosity of New Zealanders is recognised and encouraged. FINZ has adapted and grown during the pandemic, educating and inspiring the country’s fundraisers both online and in-person. Led with enthusiasm by executive director Michelle Berriman, FINZ is continuing its upward trajectory to help more fundraisers than ever as they commit to learning and growing in their profession. 

FINZ’s partnership with SOFII shows that, despite the pandemic, fundraisers are connecting from far-flung corners of the world. Increasingly the sector must look beyond our own borders for the ideas and inspiration that will help fundraisers continue to succeed and innovate. FINZ has included I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) sessions at its national conference for a few years now, and with this partnership now formalised, New Zealand’s fundraisers can be assured that IWITOT will continue as a fun, inspiring feature of the yearly conference. 

Thanks to FINZ’s support, SOFII will be able to add new, unique content to its website – including more amazing campaigns from New Zealand – and that means more fundraisers can deliver ethical and inspirational fundraising, influenced by resources available on SOFII. 

‘SOFII truly is a showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration, it’s like the NASA headquarters for global fundraising! To officially be part of this ‘fundraising HQ’ and be able to share, support, and join the SOFII community from one of the furthest places on the planet makes us feel connected in a way that was not possible before. SOFII really does help all fundraisers change the world, and here in New Zealand we are proud to join with SOFII and continue doing just that.’ – Michelle Berriman, executive director, FINZ

SOFII’s unique fundraising content is provided completely free of charge to a growing global community of fundraisers. On average, over 10,000 people search for great fundraising on each month. There is no other permanent, easily accessible archive of effective fundraising which shows what works and what doesn’t – told by skilled fundraisers themselves. Now archived by the British Library, the SOFII website catalogues and displays fundraising excellence so inquisitive fundraisers can raise more money for good causes. 

‘Thanks to FINZ’s generous support we’ll be adding new content and expanding our campaigns, not just to grow our archive and improve how fundraisers access all the great content already there, but also to galvanise fundraisers around the world in a new approach to fundraising that puts integrity and campaigning right at its heart. We invite other generous organisations to join FINZ and be an important part of safeguarding SOFII’s future.’ – Ken Burnett, co-founder and trustee, SOFII 

SOFII are proud to welcome FINZ to its community of fundraising enthusiasts from around the world. Partnership with this amazing organisation will help add more much-needed inspiration and expand SOFII’s reach to thousands more fundraisers around the world.  

SOFII would love to join forces with other individuals and businesses who believe in the future of SOFII. Now more than ever, fundraisers need a place where, regardless of age, job title or location, they can meet and learn on an equal footing. No big budget, membership or experience required. 

If you would like to join FINZ and SOFII’s other partners as they help shape the future of fundraising and give fundraisers the courage to innovate, please contact Joanna Culling at You can also make a one-off gift, today, here:

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