Remark­able Part­ner­ships becomes SOFII’s newest partner

SOFII is delight­ed to announce a brand-new part­ner­ship with con­sul­tan­cy Remark­able Partnerships.

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August 18, 2021

Great news alert! Remarkable Partnerships, a UK-based consultancy helping companies and charities create major, long-term partnerships, is the latest organisation to join SOFII as a proud partner.  

Remarkable Partnerships help charities focus on the right prospects, develop compelling opportunities, and secure more meetings with companies. They also support organisations to engage companies on an emotional level and create strategic corporate partnerships that will stand the test of time. Led by founder and managing director, Jonathan Andrews, Remarkable Partnerships are experiencing great success and growth because of the increasing opportunity for corporate-charity. They have recently doubled in size – growing their number of in-house partnership managers from three to six. 

SOFII fans will know that we already feature five super articles by Remarkable Partnerships – all with useful tips and information for corporate partnership fundraisers. Jonathan Andrews also authored a paper on fundraising from companies for the Commission on the Donor Experience (CDE) Project in 2017, which can be found on SOFII here.

Today, SOFII believes that formalising this new partnership could not have come at a better time for fundraisers. It reflects the fact that, for many charities, the importance of smart corporate fundraising has never been more needed. The recent global pandemic has transformed the business landscape, so corporate fundraisers will need to shift their approach in order to build successful partnerships. They must find innovative ways to secure and sustain their connections with companies around the world.  

Both SOFII and Remarkable Partnerships are committed to helping offer advice and support to fundraisers who are working to improve or explore how they can raise more money from companies. Crucially this latest support from Jonathan and his team means SOFII will be able to add a completely new series of articles to inspire corporate fundraisers.  

‘We are delighted to be partnering with SOFII because we both believe in the power of inspiring and extraordinary fundraising. As we emerge from the pandemic, charities are focusing on how we can create a better world together. Therefore, it is essential that fundraisers in those charities have a place where they can go for inspiration and brilliant ideas. That place is SOFII. We know that partnering with SOFII builds a stronger fundraising community and a more impactful charity sector.’ – Jonathan Andrews, founder and managing director, Remarkable Partnerships

‘We are very pleased to welcome Jonathan and his experienced team of fundraisers to our growing list of SOFII partners. We know that Remarkable Partnerships will offer timely insights into corporate partnerships for fundraisers around the world. This collaboration means SOFII users can expect new, high-quality content that will help them navigate their relationships with companies big and small. SOFII is so grateful for this collaboration and we invite other generous organisations to join Remarkable Partnerships in supporting great fundraising and helping committed fundraisers who raise money for good causes, day in and day out.’ – Ken Burnett, co-founder and trustee, SOFII 

SOFII’s unique fundraising content is provided completely free of charge to a growing number of fundraisers. On average, over 10,000 people search for great fundraising on each month. There is no other permanent, easily accessible archive of effective fundraising which shows what works and what doesn’t – told by skilled fundraisers themselves. Now archived by the British Library, the SOFII website catalogues and displays fundraising excellence so inquisitive fundraisers can raise more money. 

SOFII is proud to welcome Remarkable Partnerships to our community of fundraising enthusiasts from around the world. We would love to join forces with other individuals and businesses who believe in the future of SOFII too. Now more than ever, fundraisers need a place where, regardless of age, job title or location, they can meet and learn on an equal footing. No big budget, membership or experience required. 

If you would like to join Remarkable Partnerships and SOFII’s other kind partners as they help shape the future of fundraising and give fundraisers the courage to innovate, please contact Joanna Culling at You can also make a one-off gift, today, here:

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