Join SOFII’s BIG FUNDRAISING QUIZ – June 4th 2021, 1pm BST

Love quizzing? Love fundraising? Please join us for a brand-new fundraising quiz. Show your support, have a laugh and win great prizes too. Only £5 to enter!

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May 13, 2021

What is it? 

SOFII’s BIG FUNDRAISING QUIZ is a new way for you and your fellow fundraisers to let off some steam and have fun! Lots of laughs are guaranteed as you dazzle us with your knowledge at this fast-paced fundraising quiz. 

Join us on Friday, June 4th 2021 at 1pm BST – £5 minimum donation to play. Click here to enter now!

Hosted live by SOFII’s own Joe Burnett (probably in one of his famous sparkly jackets...), this quiz will take you on a whistle-stop tour through fundraising in a pandemic, charity logos, general knowledge and more. 

What could you win? 

From IWITOT tickets to essential reading and virtual event access for A WHOLE YEAR, we have some fab prizes up for grabs. Remember, you have to be in it, to win it!  

1st prize – 

A signed copy of Ken Burnett’s upcoming book, The essence of Campaigning Fundraising, as soon as it is published in June 2021!

PLUS, (JUST ADDED!) a 'work from home' survival kit/hamper, full of goodies to keep you going in this crazy pandemic world! 

PLUS, a lifetime pass to ALL SOFII’s future virtual IWITOT events! 

PLUS, one ticket to any in-person IWITOT event! (when they can happen, ticket only no other associated expenses paid)

PLUS, the full back catalogue of our IWITOT virtual recordings from 2020/21! (London/Supporter Experience/The Americas)

2nd prize – 

A complete set of the Tiny Essentials fundraising books!

PLUS, (JUST ADDED!) a confectionery letterbox gift chock full of sweet treats to replenish your fundraising energy! 

PLUS, the full back catalogue of our IWITOT virtual recordings from 2020/21! (London/Supporter Experience/The Americas)

3rd prize – 

A copy of George Smith’s book Asking Properly, the art of creative fundraising!

PLUS, the full back catalogue of our IWITOT virtual recordings from 2020/21! (London/Supporter Experience/The Americas)


After the quiz has finished we will randomly select ONE lucky player to receive:

A full year of Fundraising Everywhere membership, thanks to our friends Nikki Bell and Simon Scriver. Yes, this prize is worth £225!

What are you waiting for? Enter now to have fun, support SOFII and lend a hand to your fellow fundraisers.

How do you enter? 

There is a £5 minimum donation to enter, but the more you give, the more will be doing to help support fundraisers who have been relying on SOFII for knowledge and inspiration throughout the pandemic. 

Don’t miss out, sign up today.

Every penny raised will help us add new free resources to and reach more fundraisers around the world, whether they work in teams of one or 100. 

Show you care about fundraisers by inviting your friends and teammates to join in too!

How does it work? 

After you sign up and make your donation, you’ll receive a link and unique access code that you will need to play the quiz. Then on Friday June 4th at 1pm, grab your sandwich, salad or just a pack of biscuits if you feel like it (you won’t be on screen, we will never know!). 

Follow the link in your email ( and log in with your four-digit code. Then just wait for your host Joe Burnett to start the quiz. 

To maximise your fun we recommend watching Joe’s live stream on your computer via our YouTube channel while simultaneously playing the quiz on your phone. It’s the best of both worlds. 

BUT, if you can’t watch the live stream, no worries! Just join via the link on your computer or phone and play along. You will miss Joe’s jokes, but hey.... some might say this is a good thing! 

You get points for every correct answer PLUS bonus points if you answer quickly. So, speed really can help you climb to the top of our leader board. 

At the end of our 20 questions we’ll reveal our 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners as well as our top donor! Then post-quiz we’ll email our bonus prize winner too. 

Don’t miss this super event, it’s sure to be lots of fun. Please join us!

*SOFII’s BIG FUNDRAISING QUIZ is powered by the good people at WarpPoint

**Thank you to our friends at Fundraising Everywhere for donating an amazing bonus prize.

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