Tap-n-Give: mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy for fundraising

Exhibited by
Smart Online.
June 12, 2012
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
April, 2010

SOFII’s view

This exhibit demonstrates just one of the many ways in which modern technology can be used to fundraise. The Tap-n-Give application is a simple, yet innovative product that can attract new donors and raise awareness of your cause. Are you making the most of what’s at your fingertips yet?

Creator / originator

Tonia Zampieri, sales and marketing manager at Smart Online.

Summary / objectives

Tap-n-Give is an innovative iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad application that makes it easy for users to donate instantly to charities that they’re passionate about. For their small donation, users receive access to beautiful customised images and wallpapers for their iOS device so that they can show off their support to friends and family.

Tap-n-Give currently benefits four charities – New Generation Energy, Striving for More, SPCA of Wake County and Hearts with Haiti – covering important issues ranging from green energy and childhood cancer to animal welfare and the people of Haiti. We are also planning to include additional charities in the future. 


The Tap-n-Give smart phone application is part of LoyaltyClicks™ suite of technology products for today’s non-profit industry. LoyaltyClicks is a product line of Smart Online, a designer and developer of web-based software for commercial and non - profit organisations.

Special characteristics

Tap-n-Give is a one-of-a-kind iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad application that makes it easy for users to donate and support charities that they’re passionate about. Users download Tap-n-Give from the iTunes App store for $0.99 and select the charity they would like to support. In exchange for their donation, they receive a wallpaper from the nonprofit organisation. Users can also download a pack of four wallpapers for each charity for an additional micro donation of $1.99 each.

Influence / impact

Tap-n-Give has enabled these four charities to attract new donors and also to raise awareness of their cause. Additionally, by making it easy to donate and show off their support to friends and family Tap-n-Give has created a new way to expand the relationship between charities and their donors.


Recent testing of the product has revealed that the Tap-n-Give application has increased donations to all of the partner charities. As the application continues to be adopted by iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users, Smart Online looks forward to helping charities worldwide to use mobile technology to better attract new supporters and increase donations.


Tap-n-Give is a unique application that creates a new way for charities to increase support through micro donations and social content sharing. This leading-edge opportunity is a future-focused communication platform that makes it easy for audiences to make a difference to the world on a daily basis.

Tap-n-Give is an innovative iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad application in which for a small donation, users receive customised images and wallpapers which they can show to family and friends.
Tap-n-Give has given charities a new way of raising awareness and increasing donations.