Lawrence Park Com­mu­ni­ty Church: appeal for a sign

Exhibited by
Stephen Thomas
August 19, 2009
Medium of Communication
Direct mail.
Target Audience
Individuals, single gift.
Type of Charity
Religion related.
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
August, 2006.

SOFII’s view

When the church needed a sign the preacher didn’t ask God, instead he appealed to his parishioners and lo, a sign was forthcoming. More appropriately, the preacher set his sights on one single parishioner, who he believed could and would come up with the needed $25,000 to complete this most important final component of the new church project. Read the letter to see the brilliant way that he asked for it. We’ll let you know how this particular prayer was answered, as soon as we know ourselves. At the moment, all we know is that someone, somewhere, did provide.

Creator / originator

Reverend Ken Gallinger

Summary / objectives

To raise money for a new sign, to go with the new church that has been paid for from previous appeals.


Read the letter.

Special characteristics

We quote,

‘Since the dawn of time, religious people
have been looking for signs. Moses needed
a burning bush to get himself in gear
and go back to Egypt. For Isaiah, it was a
red-hot coal placed on the tip of his
tongue by an angel. The Apostle Paul
saw a blinding light. Our signage
needs are more mundane!’

Who could resist?


Very little.


To follow.


A cleverly constructed ask, which shows that direct mail fundraising isn’t the exclusive province of experts.