Red Cross USA: the Tiffany circles

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Matt Parkes, director of fundraising, The Bible Society.
June 06, 2013
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International relief / development
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SOFII’s view

You may not have called it a ‘giving circle’ but you are probably familiar with the idea. A giving circle, such as the Tiffany circles, allows donors to give in a number of ways. Some donate money, while others volunteer their time, skills, and expertise to the organisations that they care about. Donors can meet, have fun, debate and learn.

Creator / originator

The Red Cross USA.

Summary / objectives

The Red Cross Tiffany circles are a network of women who want to make a major, lasting difference to the lives of people in need around the world.


The first Tiffany Circle was introduced by the American Red Cross in 2007 and has been so successful that the British Red Cross launched its own Tiffany circle in September 2012. By investing £5,000 annually in the life-saving work of the British Red Cross, members follow in the footsteps of a long line of women who have helped the Red Cross – through exclusive events, philanthropy, international networking and influence.

The Tiffany circle is named after the beautiful windows, produced by Tiffany Studios in 1917, in the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington DC. The women in these windows personify virtues synonymous with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement: hope, mercy, charity, truth and fortitude.

Special characteristics

Members of the Tiffany circle attend exciting and unique events throughout the year and play a significant role in helping the Red Cross continue its work in the UK and around the world. They visit key Red Cross services and receive behind-the-scenes information on the impact of their support.

The Tiffany circle gives its members the opportunity to network and socialise with other philanthropists. They are also invited to international Tiffany circle events in the USA and other locations as the network expands around the world – for example the annual national summit in Washington, DC.

Influence / impact

The Tiffany circles are led by their members. They meet throughout the year to socialise, network and determine the goals of the circle. Members control where the money raised by the circle goes; they use their individual skills and expertise to help the Red Cross’ work.


The first Red Cross Tiffany circle was started in the USA in 2007 and raised over $19 million in the first three years. There are now Tiffany Circles in the UK, France, Canada and Mexico. Many other Red Cross societies are now considering the idea to assess its potential for engaging women in the mission of the Red Cross in their own countries.


Giving circles encourage people to give more, to give more strategically and to a wide array of organisations. People become more engaged in their community and gain greater knowledge of charitable giving.

Tiffany circle members of the British Red Cross are supporting children traumatised by war in Sierra Leone.

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