Lon­don, 2014

On Tues­day the 16th of Sep­tem­ber, twen­ty well-known fig­ures from the third sec­tor pre­sent­ed an idea that they felt changed the face of fundrais­ing – an inno­v­a­tive, replic­a­ble idea we could all learn from. 

Kath Abrahams

Kath Abrahams is Director of Engagement & Income Generation at Breakthrough Breast Cancer. She joined from NSPCC where she had a number of roles including Development Director and also Campaign Manager on the FULL STOP Campaign. Before joining the charity sector, Kath ran London's Bloomsbury Theatre.

Chris Barraclough

Cathy's story shocked a nation and, as this case history shows, had huge impact. However, nowadays when viewing audiences are much more fragmented and there no longer seem to be any that attract the same large numbers - it had 12 million viewers, would it have the same power?

BBC Television's Cathy Come Home

John Bird

The radical concept of toilet twinning brought at least 300 smiles to the audience at IWITOT. John Bird of data experts Blackbaud says its success is because it directly explains the cause and, obviously, has strong links to aspects of the donor's life that make it relevant. The beauty is, some elements are easily transferable to other charities.

Toilet Twinning.

Sinead Chapman

If you think that the cause should never take second place in an appeal, click here to see how Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon did exactly that. And raised £4.5 million.

Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon.

Catherine Cottrell

Cancer Research UK’s ‘no-make-up selfie’ campaign

An 18 year old from Stoke in the UK is credited with dreaming up the no-make-up selfie craze that raised an amazing £1 million in the first 24 hours, mainly through text messages and social media. The craze went on to raise £8 million in a week. Cancer Research UK can now report back to their hundreds of thousands of new donors that 10 clinical trials are now in place that otherwise wouldn't exist.

Joe Jenkins

UNICEF's partnership with the Glasgow Commonwealth Games was the first time the opening ceremony of a global major sporting event was used by a charity to raise money: £3.7 million during that evening alone, much of it by texts from people in the audience.

Colin Kemp

The 'threads of change' campaign from Oxfam Canada gave their donors the chance to do more than just send money to a cause they love. They were able to send messages of hope to Oxfam projects all over the world.

Oxfam Canada: the 'threads of change' campaign

A J Leon

Is Bitcoin the next ‘BIG THING’ for fundraisers? Could it work wonders for your organisation?

Bitcoin for fundraisers.

Fiona Lishman

Here is the story of Jonny Benjamin's search to find 'Mike', one of the bystanders as he climbed onto Waterloo Bridge in an attempt to kill himself. Only Mike didn't stand by, he walked up to Jonny, talked to him and, most of all, he listened. Click here to see how Rethink Mental Illness put their brand in second place and helped to find Jonny's hero. It was a brave decision and one that brought many rewards.

Alex McDowell

Legacies are so important to all charities, yet it can be a difficult message to get across. By answering genuine concerns, understanding their donors and offering them a superb service that takes aways their worries RSPCA has created a very successful legacy campaign.

RSPCA: 'home for life' scheme

​James Nida

The ANC campaign that pioneered professional political fundraising in the UK and offered the British public the chance to play an active role in getting rid of apartheid forever.The campaign raised £2 million in six months with no budget and just one paid member of staff.

James Nida presents: African National Congress: the emergency pre-election fundraising, from 1992

Meredith Niles

Is JustGiving the most transformational development in the UK charitable sector since the introduction of street face-to-face fundraising? Find out here. JustGiving: a 'for profit, for good' platform for online giving.

Ben Nolan

Ben joined Labour last October to help them win the General Election. Based in Newcastle, he and his team are responsible for all membership recruitment, retention and offline fundraising. Before this he worked at Save the Children. He’s passionate about inspiring lots of people to give a little, to power great causes. Tweets sporadically from @obi_ben_n.

​Lucy Sandford

The Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross and St John Appeal Fund is the largest charitable fund in the history of British fundraising, raising the equivalent of £7.7 billion. This monumental exhibit should be read by all.

British Red Cross: the £7.7 billion appeal that changed British fundraising forever

​Aditi Srivastav

Without the inspiration of Joseph Pulitzer who inspired 120,000 ordinary New Yorkers to donate a huge number of small donations, the 150ft tall Statue of Liberty would not be standing today on New York's harbor.

Aditi Srivastav presents Fundraising for the Statue of Liberty's pedestal

Chris Taylor

Chris works as the Head of Fundraising at Person to Person Direct, a Face to Face Fundraising agency providing long term donors to the charity sector. He has worked at a variety of agencies as well as in-house in different roles over several different platforms including Direct Debit and SMS.

Beth Thoren

You may be sick of hearing about the ice bucket challenge. You may even think it has no relevance to your own organisation. But click here to see the special characteristics that Beth Thoren, who presented it at last year's IWITOT, thinks made it the biggest fundraising idea of 2014. SOFII is sure that you can adapt some, if not all, of this idea for your cause.

The ALS (USA) 'ice bucket' challenge

Rob Woods

'Fundraisers – your job isn't to keep complaints down, it's to connect with people who do care in the strongest possible way.' So says Rob Woods in this powerful case study from this year's IWITOT.

F*CK CANCER: raising money for cancer research

Jess Borham

This revolutionary pack features an irresistible involvement device, an easily detachable plastic drinking straw that readers are invited to detach, open and breathe through for less than a minute. It is an imaginative way of involving recipients and enabling them to feel for themselves what it's like to live with asthma.

Jess Borham presents The National Asthma Campaign: straws