The BADASSforGOOD podcast. First episodes: snackable brand and marketing insights

Welcome to R. Trent Thompson‘s BADASSforGOOD podcasts: concise and insightful ideas from an award-winning specialist on how to manage your brand and marketing.

Written by
R. Trent Thompson
September 27, 2018


SOFII is thrilled to team up with award-winning brand and marketing strategist R. Trent Thompson to share his superb BADASSforGOOD podcasts. Irreverent, concise and insightful, these podcasts give you Trent’s inimitable take on the rights and wrongs of how organisations present themselves in their mission to change the world. We’ll be uploading the rest on a monthly basis from now on but bring you the first three now to whet your appetite. Now over to Mr Badass — Trent — himself to present them.

‘What is a BADASSforGOOD? It’s a good thing. It refers to any person or nonprofit organisation who’s making a never-say-never effort to improving the lives of others. It’s a powerful and positive acknowledgment of their unwavering commitment to doing good.

In each podcast, I’ll share snackable brand and marketing insights that will help empower your organisation to realise its full potential. Tried-and-proven successes that will improve your marketing and communications efforts. Real-world examples you can use to help increase your multi-channel fundraising and awareness campaign results. Ideas you can implement to strengthen your brand and maximise every channel or touch point of your organisation to better connect with your donors, supporters and those you serve.

You can also count on a rant or two from time to time. When I see branding or marketing gone wrong, or a wrong that needs to be righted, you’re gonna fricking hear about it!

So, go ahead. Kick the tyres. Take it for a listen. All I ask is if you like what you hear — if you’re picking up what I’m laying down — then share it with everyone and their mother!’

Episode 001: Is your brand killing your nonprofit?

‘Every nonprofit should be asking this question. [...] Your brand is more than a logo [...] and it's certainly more than a shiny set of brand guidelines’

Episode 002: One ugly does not fit all

‘If you want to stand out to donors [...] being innovative and unafraid to explore new ways to engage donors should be your mindset when building a fundraising campaign.’

Episode 003: Your website is more than a donor deposit box

‘I’m gonna ruffle some feathers but so be it [...]. If all a non-donor sees is “Gimme. Gimme. Gimme” when they land on your website and there’s nothing relevant to them, then you’re doing a great disservice to the rest of your audience.’

About the author: R. Trent Thompson

R. Trent Thompson is an award-winning marketer and rare combination of strategist, creative, and marketer. He’s founder of Thompson & Company, a strategic brand, design, and communications firm working exclusively with nonprofit organisations. Using research, facts, and data, they blend expertise with innovation to empower nonprofit brands to realise their full potential.

When he’s not rebranding nonprofits, building fundraising or awareness campaigns, and speaking at industry conferences, he’s sharing snackable brand and marketing insights on his podcast “BADASSforGOOD.”

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