Ver­i­ty 15: you under­stand that every grand oppor­tu­ni­ty is sim­ply mas­querad­ing as a prob­lem, a mys­tery wait­ing to be solved.

Written by
Jerold Panas
March 26, 2014

If you don’t understand the problem, then explain it to someone and listen to yourself discussing it.

Make certain you never state a problem in the same terms as it was originally brought to you. Studying the reverse always helps.

Don’t worry about an approach that transforms one problem into another. You’re probably taking the first step towards an exciting solution.

If the answer seems to be surprising, or even off the wall, it’s probably useful! And if you seem to hit the bull’s-eye each time with one of your solutions, you’re either coming up with the wrong answer once in a while, or the target’s too near.

The successful fundraiser is a creative machine. You understand that to say impossible always puts you on the losing side.

You look at a problem as you would a kaleidoscope. A twist here, a turn there. The glass pieces and the mirrors finally fall into place. You solve the problem.

About the author: Jerold Panas

Jerold Panas has been professionally involved in fundraising for over 40 years. He combines his understanding and experience with a special talent for strategic planning, major gifts and volunteer development.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars and a regular contributor to professional journals. Dr Panas is regarded as an author of particular note and his books are considered amongst the most significant in the field.

In 2013, he received the coveted lifetime achievement award for his contribution to philanthropy and fundraising. In 2011, the Cultural Office of Mexico cited him for his contribution to the nation’s philanthropy.

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