Will you join these kind fundrais­ers at the heart of SOFII?

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February 12, 2024

Today is Valentine’s Day, what better day to celebrate a fantastic group of fundraisers who mean so much to our small charity.

They are the SOFII One Hundred – and you can find them at the heart of SOFII.

This helpful group of changemakers love supporting other fundraisers. One of the ways they do this is by quietly and compassionately giving a monthly gift to SOFII. Their donations mean we can offer fundraisers like you free access to ideas and inspiration – regardless of organisational budgets, location or circumstances.

We are so proud that the SOFII One Hundred already includes almost 60 kind individuals.

And today, we’d like to introduce you to some of our caring SOFII One Hundred donors.

On our recognition page you can see everyone in the SOFII One Hundred. Many have also shared why they give. Hover over the photo to read their quote. ©SOFII

One of the kind donors you will meet is Doreen Slessor, our newest donor. She joined just a few weeks ago and you can find her at number 31 in the SOFII One Hundred.


Doreen told us:

‘I saw the SOFII One Hundred banner at the top of the SOFII webpage. I was looking for inspiration on a fundraising luncheon sponsor package, and SOFII is ALWAYS my first go to. I send new fundraisers to the site all the time. I love the idea of the SOFII One Hundred. No idea why I didn't see it before? I would have signed up years ago.’

When you scroll through our showcase of smiling faces, you might recognise friends in the sector. If you hover over a photo, some donors have chosen to share why they give.

But you’ll also notice that the SOFII One Hundred come from all around the world. Doreen hails from Canada, for example. 

Each person is at a different point in their career and has a unique reason for being part of the community. And they have one thing in common. They all want to help others deliver quality fundraising campaigns for the causes that are close to their hearts.

As a SOFII user and committed fundraiser yourself, would you like to find your own place at the heart of SOFII and join the SOFII One Hundred today?

Ultimately, with you on our side, we can reach our goal of 100 supporters – but why stop there? Maybe together we’ll become the SOFII Two Hundred 😊… who knows?

Being part of the SOFII One Hundred is a chance to shape the future of fundraising.

When you join, you’ll give fellow fundraisers the courage to innovate. You’ll help them as they learn from past lessons and embrace the foundations of great fundraising. You’ll let them build on the shoulders of the pioneers and share their successes back to SOFII and inspire the next generation.

If you love fundraising and want to help other fundraisers too, please consider becoming part of the SOFII One Hundred by setting up a regular gift to SOFII today. If you would like to find out what we can offer you in return for your kindness, click here.

Spoiler alert: you will definitely get one of our cool SOFII One Hundred pin badges and a beautiful print of the Treehouse of Knowledge/34 Foundations of Fundraising. We’ve given you a sneak peek of those below!


If you would like to find out more about the SOFII One Hundred, please reach out to Lynda Harwood-Compton (lynda@sofii.org) and set up a chat. Lynda recently joined SOFII to help look after all our kind supporters, and she would love to hear from you. 

Of course, if you already know you want to get involved, that’s wonderful – you can sign up here, straightaway.

As always, thank you for your support for SOFII. Every time you visit our site and find that little nugget of inspiration, please remember the kind people in the SOFII One Hundred are the ones who helped make that positive fundraising feeling possible.

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