Goderich Mind and body’ campaign

Exhibited by
Steve Thomas
February 26, 2020
Medium of Communication
Direct mail, door drops and householders
Target Audience
Individuals, single gift
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

A really lovely, straightforward but effective appeal, which shows that it pays to have a couple of direct mail professionals living in your town – even if only for a few weeks of each year.

Creator / originator

Mary Attfield and Steve Thomas, as volunteers. 

Summary / objectives

Goderich, Ontario is a small, average income town of 7,500 on Lake Huron. To make sure that local people could have access to their own doctors, the town needed to construct a medical clinic. Price tag: CA$2,500,000. Local industry, the government and a few wealthy individuals gave most of the money but they were still CA$200,000 short.


The general public had not been asked. Holiday residents Mary Attfield and Steve Thomas wondered why not. So they set about organising a simple but effective local appeal.

Special characteristics

A simple door drop (householder) pack – outer and reply envelopes, letter and coupon. It was delivered to 5,000 households in the Goderich catchment area. You can read the complete letter and reply slip on the left. 


Less than CA$0.20 each door drop. Printing was done by a local newspaper for free.


CA$250,000 raised (ROI of 250:1). The largest donation was CA$25,000 and there were many, many, smaller ones.


It shows that, if there is a true community need, when you ask, people will give.

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A nice view of lovely Goderich waterfront.
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The front of the letter. Back and reply slip below.

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