RNLI: We are one crew

Exhibited by
Rory Stamp, strategic content manager
May 14, 2020
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
All donors
Type of Charity
Sea rescue
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
March 2020

SOFII’s view

This is a simple, beautifully-worded and heartfelt message for donors that reminds them how important they are without being over-the-top. In the era of coronavirus, donors who are reminded that they matter are more likely to continue supporting your organisation. And the RNLI has done just that. This gem certainly impressed the watchers of SOFII’s virtual I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) in April 2020. Julie Berthoud-Jury’s full presentation from the day, along with her Q&A will be up on SOFII shortly.

Summary / objectives

In this video, RNLI volunteer Dave explains how the charity's lifeboat crews face uncertainty every time they venture out to sea to rescue people. He then acknowledges that RNLI supporters are also facing uncertain times and reassures them that, because of their role as donors, they too are part of the RNLI crew. He ends by thanking RNLI donors and sending a message that he and all his fellow volunteers hope those donors are safe and well during the coronavirus pandemic. 

All in under a minute. Brilliant.

Click on the letter to view a larger version.


In this interview, SOFII founder Ken Burnett talks to the RNLI’s strategic content manager Rory Stamp about how their wonderful ad came about. He also shares why they wanted to tell donors just how much they value them during this trying time.