San­ta Dash­es aplen­ty as the fes­tive sea­son approaches

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Joe Burnett
December 13, 2017
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SOFII’s view

The Santa Dash has really taken off as a fundraising event in 2017 across the UK. Tapping into the British love of dressing up for a run, a plethora of charities have benefited from the generosity and time of donors in cities all over the country, with great results. The trend has even reached Ireland, Japan and the USA. And who wouldn't want to support a bunch of people dressed as Santa Claus as they run around?

Summary / objectives

The series of Santa Dashes encourages people to don their favourite Santa outfit (usually provided) and hit the streets or parks in an organised run. Distances vary, but the main objective is for runners to have a bit of fun whilst doing good. Some runs support more than one charity, others have a specific cause in mind.


Between November 19th and December 17th, over a hundred runs, jogs and sprints by people dressed as Santa Claus took/will take place in towns and cities all over the United Kingdom but also in Ireland, the USA and Japan. On December 3rd, over four thousand Santas flocked to London's Victoria Park to raise money for 15 different organisations, including Mind, Teenage Cancer Trust and Alzheimer's Society. 

In South London's Clapham Common on the same day, another two thousand ran either 5k or 10k in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital. The Las Vegas Great Santa Run on December 2nd was a massive fundraiser for Opportunity Village, a not-for-profit that serves adults with intellectual disabilities. Other cities and towns to hold runs include Manchester, Osaka, Galway in Ireland, even as far north as Truro at the top of Scotland.


The amounts are still being tallied up, with some runs still to come, but the London Victoria Park Santa Dash alone earned over £1 million in donations shared between around 300 charities.

Las Vegas Great Santa Run
Las Vegas Great Santa Run
London Santa Run

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