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Congratulations! You’ve just found the world’s best and biggest collection of fundraising direct mail, right here on There are more than 160 detailed case histories and articles here for you to learn from, crib from, adapt or copy. And lots more besides. Enjoy!

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The summary report of the Commission on the Donor Experience into direct mail fundraising can be found here.

Parkinson’s UK: the Dave the Worm campaign

Dave the Worm pack.


Dave the Worm (DTW) is a fun and witty character that is enabling Parkinson’s UK to compete in a crowded marketplace by presenting research to donors in an engaging way and giving them a unique opportunity to regularly support new and innovative research.

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Sense’s magical Christmas: a special appeal from Teddy

Sense mail pack


This great exhibit from Sense proves that direct mail isn’t dying - it isn’t even ill. Instead it is thriving and if used properly will achieve great results for your charity.

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Arrels Fundació: cardboard hearts for the homeless

cardboard hearts website


Arrels Fundació have come up with an excellent way to wear your heart on your sleeve to raise money and awareness of the growing number of homeless people in Barcelona. It is also easily copied.

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How I wrote it: the Salvation Army UK’s first large-scale cold mailing

by Pauline Lockier

In this, the fifth of a series of interviews with leading fundraising writers, Pauline Lockier talks to Fergal Byrne about a fundraising appeal letter written for the Salvation Army in 1990 which subsequently became their control for eight years. In this conversation Pauline tells Fergal how she wrote the letter and what really matters in making sure this kind of letter is a success.

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University College London: the ‘paper head’ Christmas appeal

by Aline Reed

It’s not really surprising that University College London’s brief to bring philosopher and jurist Jeremy Bentham back to life to raise much needed funds caused Aline Reed, in her words, ‘to frown, ask “you want me to do what” and generally feel rather puzzled for a number of days.’

But not for long, after undertaking some research she and Mark Phillips came up with the brilliant idea of a ‘ransom in reverse’. Intrigued? This wonderful exhibit will reveal the great results.

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Cancer Research UK: the letter from cancer

The first page of the flyer.


At first glance you might think, wow, this mailing from Cancer Research UK is clever and a bit different. It surely will make people angry enough so that they give money that will beat cancer: an admirable ambition. But what would you think if you have cancer?

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Il report di ringraziamento di Interval House

by Emma Lubrina

Questo report e’ fresco di stampa. SOFII non vede l’ora di conoscere il parere dei lettori su questo report di ringraziamento.

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How I wrote it: Mal Warwick on his letter for the Union of Concerned Scientists

by Fergal Byrne & Mal Warwick

A new interview from Fergal Byrne gives a fascinating insight into a master fundraiser at work: Mal Warwick. In it he describes how he wrote the letter that, in one form or another, was used to recruit new supporters for the Union of Concerned Scientists in the USA over many years.

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The National Asthma Campaign: straws mailing

Inside the leaflet, a moving quote from a young boy who has asthma.


This revolutionary pack features an irresistible involvement device, an easily detachable plastic drinking straw that readers are invited to detach, open and breathe through for less than a minute. It is an imaginative way of involving recipients and enabling them to feel for themselves what it’s like to live with asthma.

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Amnesty International: the letter in the pen pack

Women’s letter page one

by Ken Burnett

Now on SOFII, one of the letters that was sent with the legendary Amnesty pen pack. This moving example of fine writing was written specifically for women and sent to women only.

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