Con­tin­u­ing SOFII’s light­bulb moments’ series.

It’s a wel­come return of the short but sig­nif­i­cant insights of SOFII’s light­bulb moments.

Written by
Ken Burnett
August 08, 2018

Continuing SOFII’s ‘lightbulb moments’ series. Keys to major donor fundraising – six short videos just added.

Context video 010

How bad fundraising can get, plus 28 antidotes to make it better. 2 minutes 58 seconds 

A single stunning example of how over-emailing causes donor fatigue – Barbara Streisand might be irresistible, yet one recalcitrant donor let Donald Trump into the White House.

Lightbulb moment #19

Major donors don’t get a better experience. 0 minutes 55 seconds 

Major donor fundraising is the single area that should offer donors consistently great experiences. But, does it?

Lightbulb moment #20

Chasing money leads to disaster. 1 minute 33 seconds

Why fundraisers need to think seriously about whether or not they really want major donors.

Lightbulb moment #21

Consult and involve your donors when things go wrong. 1 minute 07 seconds

Some donor experiences money can’t buy. These days major donors have expectations that we need to plan to meet.

Lightbulb moment #22

Keeping your best fundraisers. 1 minute 25 seconds

Most organisations under-invest in their fundraisers, which – potentially – is good news for all of us.

Lightbulb moment #23

Only pursue donors that are right for you. 0 minutes 30 seconds

A valuable observation about working alongside your donor to deliver what you both want.

Coming next:

Context video 011 

How fundraisers killed their golden goose. 12 minutes 26 seconds

Lightbulb moment #24

How to ask wealthy people for money 1 minutes 36 seconds

Lightbulb moment #25

Learn to use emotion wisely. And give it the priority it deserves. 1 minutes 41 seconds

Lightbulb moment #26

How to make emotional connections with your donors. 0 minutes 34 seconds 

Lightbulb moment #27

The crucial distinction between information and communication. 0 minutes 55 seconds

About the author: Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett is author of Relationship Fundraising and other books including The Zen of Fundraising, (Jossey-Bass Inc, San Francisco, USA). The Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board and Storytelling can change the world, both published by The White Lion Press, UK

In 2021, he wrote and published a book about campaigning fundraising, The essence of Campaigning Fundraising in 52 exhibits and 199 web links.

Ken co-founded SOFII with his late wife Marie and served as a trustee before retiring from the SOFII board in 2022.

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