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  • A Dismal Swamp: an extract from Our Mutual Friend showing Charles Dickens’ view of fundraising in Victorian England by SOFII Charles Dickens’ perceptive view of fundraising from Our Mutual Friend, 1864. Download this entertaining and instructive insight into fundraising from 150 years ago.
  • Fundraising in the First World War: fighting the good fight by Tony Charalambides Fundraising and charitable volunteering is a rather under-reported component of Britain’s war effort during the First World Ward, says Tony Charalambides, but it had an enormous impact on its outcome.
  • Fundraising in the First World War: how the fundraising ground force made a difference by Tony Charalambides Asking someone in your immediate vicinity for monetary help is as elementary as fundraising gets. More often than not, it’s as effective as it gets too – which is why it pops up throughout history. Fundraising during the First World War was no different. 
  • How the suffragettes became one of the most successful brands ever by Aline Reed You might be surprised to know that one of the most successful branding exercises ever was performed by the first suffragettes in Britain. They were, of course, notorious for their demonstrations of bravery, but also for the splendid ways they raised huge amounts of money to promote equality for women everywhere. One woman was so inspired that she donated £1000 a year – £80,000 in today’s value, to be paid until women were given the vote. You’ll find out lots more here.
  • Magic moments part one: how small beginnings inspire great causes by Aline Reed & Ken Burnett In this article Aline Reed and Ken Burnett describe some great founding moments – how small beginnings can inspire great causes.
  • Moses raises funds for the tabernacle – c. 1,500 BC by SOFII This is now the oldest exhibit on SOFII (and will be, until you tell us different). It's also a surprisingly instructive fundraising case history. If you look at the detailed notes it becomes quite clear that the prophet Moses was an accomplished fundraiser who both understood his audience and appreciated the nuances of his fundraising proposition and how it would be received.
  • NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign - a fundraising triumph. Part two: the launch and beyond by Giles Pegram CBE In part two of our retrospective of the NSPCC's ground-breaking Full Stop campaign, Giles Pegram CBE takes us through the details of the appeal, covering extraordinary events, celebrity supporters and bold initiatives which all contributed to the amazing impact the campaign had on the British public.
  • Once upon a time…Oxfam and Remember Me by Aline Reed Aline isn’t too sure if the technology used in this great way to use stories to sell goods in Oxfam shops wasn’t a little too sophisticated. Anybody out there have any further information?
  • Pliny the Younger and the first appeal for matching funds, c. 100 AD. by SOFII About 20 years after famously witnessing the eruption of Vesuvius that engulfed Pompeii, Pliny the Younger, perhaps the most generous benefactor of the Roman era, created a matching fund to help the parents in his home town to fund their school.
  • RSPCA’s ‘sow tethering’ telephone campaign by SOFII Any marketing campaign that can have such an impact on members of parliament on the eve of taking their country to war has to be worth recording. This campaign is notable as one of the early UK examples of fundraisers using the telephone.
  • Tank Banks: more sensational fundraising from the First World War by Aline Reed Now for something completely different: give a tank to thank your donors. Okay, this is a little cheeky, there aren’t many of us today who can give a tank as a special thank you. But we can create pride and excitement in our donors, just like the Tank Banks back in 1919.
  • The best developments of 2010. by Lucy Innophoria In her fourth post for SOFII, Lucy reflects on the coolest developments of 2010: apps, interactions and gaming and their impact on the fundraising sector. Could you use them in your next campaign?
  • United Negro College Fund: David Ogilvy’s letter by SOFII Go back in time to meet one of the commuters who, in 1968, found this superb letter from David Ogilvy on the seat of the train taking him home to his comfortable New York suburb.