Bad Ad — Green­peace Por­tu­gal: the unfor­tu­nate exam­ple of the reversed out coupon

Exhibited by
May 09, 2009
Medium of Communication
Press advertising.
Target Audience
Individuals, single gift.
Type of Charity
Environmental/ animals.
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

We love this, but sympathise greatly with its creator, whoever he or she might be.

If you know anything about this ad, please share your information with SOFII and with fundraisers everywhere. We can all learn from mistakes.

Summary / objectives

Presumably, to recruit new donors cost-effectively.


We can learn at least as much from our mistakes as we can from our successes. And any one of us could have made a similar gaff.

Other relevant information

If you have anything similar please share it with SOFII.