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How do we make donors feel real­ly spe­cial? And how do they want to see us?

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September 15, 2014

SOFII thinks we could start towards finding the answers with these three short video clips.

SOFII users Suzanne Ambrogetti, UNICEF Regional Fundraising Manager in Asia, and Julie Weston, former head of Fundraising at UNICEF UK, alerted SOFII to this first great video about making customers feel really special. Just imagine, they said, if a charity could aspire to make its customers feel as good as this.

But it’s not from a good cause, of course. It’s from a bank.

And others seem to think feeling good is good for business too. See also this great video from airline WestJet.

So the big question is, how could we make our donors feel this special? Why should commercial companies be so much more imaginative and creative when it comes to thanking customers, than we are? SOFII would welcome any idea for how we might spread similar approaches. Or, are you doing it already?

How donors want to see us

To brighten your day here’s another very short video that shows how donors like to see fundraisers. Maybe if we focused more on our roles as heroes, here to save the world, that would be a start toward making donors feel really special.

What do you think?

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