SOFII stars: the world’s best fundrais­ing direct mail.

SOFII stars: short­cuts to help you find the best fundrais­ing on SOFII

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April 20, 2012

A priceless swipe file: 2000 years of fundraising direct mail.

From all the direct marketing gems on SOFII, from the ancient to the bang-up-to-date, here's a selection of great fundraising direct mail, to inspire you. Enjoy! For the world’s best swipe file of direct mail examples see the new introduction to SOFII’s direct mail showcase here. WARNING: there are 160+ examples here that can transform your direct mail fundraising.

Ryton Gardens: recyclable mailing.

Dr Barnardo's Homes: four fundraising greats from the distant past.

CPAR: 'plant a tree in Ethiopia' mailing.

The Salvation Army: Christopher's letter.

Habitat for Humanity: money back guarantee.

University of Leeds: direct mail cash appeal to alumni.

University College London's 'paper head' Christmas appeal.

Help the Aged 'you have this gift' direct mail pack.

Dr Barnardo's Homes: how the death of Carrots led to a powerful slogan, from 1866.

Amnesty International: the pen pack, plus letter.

Eihei Dogen fundraising letter: from 1235.

Operation Raleigh: toilet paper mailing.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Christmas mailing, 1941.

The Bruce Barton letter: the classic long copy letter from 1925 that pulled a 100 per cent response. You will find links to all Bruce Barton's other brilliant letters too.

WOMANKIND Worldwide: donor recruitment mailing.

Make–A–Wish Foundation: high value direct mail appeal.

How I wrote it – the Make-A-Wish Foundation's prospect letter. You will also find links to other articles that show how various writers approached their task of producing excellent fundraising letters.

The RNLI legacy letter.

Botton Village 'Frances' pack.

Paul the apostle motivates his church's donors – c. 56 AD.

The National Asthma Campaign: straws mailing.

WWF Year of the Tiger – Christmas appeal 2009.

Amnesty International: the letter in the pen pack.

Parkinson's UK: the Dave the Worm campaign.

If you think you can lay your hands on better examples of direct mail fundraising from any time or anywhere, please share it on SOFII. We want to make you famous, to showcase your work to the world. Contact Carolina here to submit your work. Thank you.

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