SOFII stars: trea­sures of lega­cy marketing

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November 02, 2016


University of South Carolina: ‘We are South Carolina Y’ALL’ (Young Alumni Leaving a Legacy)

The Greenpeace legacy beer mat

Dogs Trust canine care card

University of Oxford: legacy brochure

AARP – formerly the American Association of Retired Persons: legacies booklet and newsletter

The NSPCC legacies TV ad: the ‘what will we leave?’ campaign

Association of International Cancer Research: Inspiring Stories Book

Greenpeace Sweden’s legacy commercials

Also please visit SOFII’s legacies showcase for a collection of newsletters, leaflets and other materials that legacy fundraisers have been kind enough to share on SOFII.


Just the facts on legacy giving, by Mal Warwick.

NSPCC – a new approach to legacy training

Results from the International Gift Planning Survey

We hope you find these SOFII Stars useful. Please keep for handy reference or go here to see all SOFII Stars. 

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