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Joe Burnett
May 11, 2018

Hello to our Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking friends! We are pleased to let you know some more content has been translated from English into Portuguese and Spanish, as we continue to expand our global accessibility.

¡Hola! If you are a Spanish speaker, please check out China reinventa la captación de fondo, which we've just had translated into Spanish. 

'Para conocer el camino que recorrer, pregunta a los que han vuelto'

– proverbio Chino.

Click here to read a case study in Portuguese, and here for El Ministerio de historias, kindly translated into Spanish for us by Anna Fabra Raduà. 

We will continue to translate as much SOFII content as we can into a range of different languages and keep you posted as we do. We welcome offers of help from translators in other languages please get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

More translated articles and case studies:


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